Women IPL Team is Also Ready to Play

  • As you know that the craze for the IPL is very much popular nowadays, after all, after so many obstructions finally this IPL is taking place in Dubai.  Audiences are ready to support their favourite team in the IPL, although this year many things have changed due to the pandemic like the physical audience is not allowed in the stadium. 
  • Usually, IPL used to start in April but this year due to an unbalanced environment, it was canceled in that month and now it is started in Dubai. Finally, the wait is over and the audience is virtually ready for an interesting match. 
  • All the teams are showing up their best in the IPL, In spite of the circumstances. However, 2-3 players were injured severely during the IPL match like Rohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma.
  • Now, after the successful cricket match of the IPL,  the women IPL cricket team is also ready to perform and give their best at the stadium of Dubai. After all the sports and cricket is being organized back to back, then why do the women’s cricket team step backwards? They are also ready for their game and perform their best over there.
  • But the situation is still not under control, so the players will follow all the instructions and will take all the possible precautions for COVID-19.  Like after visiting Dubai, all the players will be quarantined for almost 14 days and will follow proper social distancing during the match also. 

Virat Kohli is a complete player, says Joe Root

The women's cricket team has strong players
  • Virat Kohli is very famous for his playing technique and aggression. He is popularly also called, King of Cricket. Virat’s performance in this match and all the other tournaments was perfect. He scored maximum runs in the Indian cricket team, his performance is appreciative in all the matches against every country.
  • For the performance of Viral Kohli, he was given captaincy of the Indian cricket team. During his captainship, India has won T20 matches, series, and is waiting for more interesting winnings.  India has become a stronger team in the context of cricket. Virat Kohli also owns a IPL team and he is the captain of that team, you all must be aware of that team RCB.
  • Joe Root said that Virat is a complete player and has his pace in playing. He is an all-rounder and does all the activities in the game with complete dedication. He further added that being a captain Virat manages his team well and has all the pressures to handle.

Chris Gayle cancels the retirement

Kings XI Punjab defeated Kolkata Knight rider by 8 wickets on Monday. In the interview after the match with Mandeep Singh, Gayle was asked about his retirement. When Mandeep told Gayle not to get retirement forever. Gayle replied he will not be retiring now and will play more. 

Gayle is a great batsman and plays for Kings XI Punjab in IPL. He is a 41 years old player with great enthusiasm and energy.

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