Learn More About The Trending Cricket Betting App In India


It can be not easy to keep up with the ever-changing world of cricket betting, but that’s where these IPL cricket betting app come in handy. With so many cricket betting apps on the market and various factors in play, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your time.

The IPL betting app in India should be licensed and follows all the betting laws too. So we’ve put together this list of 5 great cricket betting apps for you.


Betway provides amazing betting options with in-depth statistics for all teams, players, and tournaments. The app also offers plenty of features that give you a heads up on the action, including push notifications and social betting.


If you’re looking for a more traditional cricket betting site, Betfred is perfect. This classic bookie provides a wide variety of markets on T20 matches and Test matches throughout the year. This means you can place wagers on everything from single T20 games to the entire tournaments such as IPL.


How to bet on cricket with Parimatch app in India

Another popular and trusted bookie, Parimatch mobile app, offers great social and navigation features to keep everything simple and enjoyable. If you are looking for IPL betting app India then this app is tailored specifically for IPL matches.  All scheduling details and updated news on player performances are listed prominently on the app’s homepage.


If you’re looking for an overall betting app that can handle all your needs, SkyBet is the way to go. This mobile app provides a wide selection of markets with excellent odds, is easy to use, and has an attractive design.

Stan James

StanJames official application in India full review

If you would rather bet on cricket as a hobby than make it a full-time job, Stan James is the ideal app. It provides plenty of betting options for sports like cricket, but it also contains a social feature that allows you to share your favorite team or player with others. It works well with both iOS and Android smartphones and is designed to cater to Indian and international cricket matches.

These apps are free to download, and one can register with a simple email ID. Moreover, these app platforms allow users to bet on every game in all sports formats- Test, ODI, T20. Not to forget, all of these apps have the separate option of IPL betting to give you an exclusive cricket betting experience.

Is Bet365 A Suitable Betting App For You?

Bet365 has been in the online betting business for more than two decades now. They are number one and best IPL betting app in India which means they have had the time and resources to build a top-notch offering for you. They’ve been among the first to provide live streaming of cricket matches, and there’s no reason they won’t continue to do so as long as there is demand.

The app is compatible with all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. Logging in is straightforward, with a username and password combination always being viable identification methods on this app. The interface consists of three tabs, namely Live Betting, Live Streaming, and My Account.

Starting up an account is not too difficult with the app, as there is an option that allows you to register with your Face book account.

Your details will be entered dynamically upon doing so, and the option to contact customer support should you feel the need. The app arrives with Bet365’s brand logo in all its glory at the top left corner, and you’ll be able to place a wager quickly after a few taps on either side of it.  

Cricket Betting: Is It Legal In India?

Cricket betting is a huge industry in countries with a strong association with the game. India has one of the world’s largest populations. With 1.2 billion people, there is plenty of room for such a large cricket population.

The chance to make money by betting is enough to lure people in. Unfortunately, the law that governs cricket betting in India is not so clear and is very confusing. The rules are designed to govern all sports betting activities throughout India.The main goal of these rules is to ensure that cricket betting does not become a police matter or be associated with financial crimes like fraud or money laundering.

But even though these rules say it is legal to bet on cricket in India. So overall, if a betting app is licensed and authorized by the government, you can trust it and start betting on it. You should go for IPL online betting app download from a reputable and trusted betting company.

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