Bet365 Bets on Cricket on The Best Betting Platform


Cricket is the favourite sport of many people in the world. Eleven players on the field get people’s heart going, and when it is the season for international cricket, the nationalist sentiments of many of us know no bound. Cricket season is also the season for sports betting. And if you like betting on cricket, then there is no better platform than Bet365.

This article is about Bet365 cricket, and here we are going to discuss all there is to know about online cricket betting on this platform. Let us do it in the form of question and answer. Here we shall answer some of the most common queries that bettors have. 


How to Bet on Bet365?

These are the steps that you will have to take in order to bet on Bet365

  • Create an Account: The first thing in order to wager is to create an account. You will have to open Bet365 and click on “Sign-in,” There you will be asked quite a few basic questions before you get permission for access. 
  • Check if You Have Funds: You will have to have funds in your bank account in order to bet on Bet365 cricket. So, check it beforehand. If you are short on bank balance, deposit some money to continue. 
  • Transfer Funds: For Bet365 cricket to function properly, you will have to transfer funds to this betting platform. One thing that isn’t too great about this platform is that you cannot directly transfer money from the bank when you start to play. It will have to pass through the Bet365 funds. 
  • Keep Betting: Once you are done signing in and transferring funds, you can start your cricket betting experience.

The legality of cricket betting depends on the country you live in. For instance, in the United Kingdom, betting on cricket is completely legal. In fact, Bet365 has obtained a gambling license from the UK. However, in countries like India, cricket betting falls more into the grey zone because there is nothing specifically stated about online cricket betting in their constitution.

Do I Have to Produce an ID before I start Bet365 cricket betting?

Yes, you will have to go through a sign-in process before you start playing. Also, when you withdraw your prize money; you will have to produce a valid ID.

How can you select the best betting site for cricket?

If you want to have the best cricket betting experience, then here are some parameters that you might want to take mental notes on before you start betting.

  • Easy log-in
  • Availability of mobile betting
  • Easy user interface
  • Licensed betting site
  • Availability of live bets
  • Quick withdrawal of prize money

You can get all these and more if you choose the Bet365 bookmaker to place bets on cricket, including such cricket tournaments like IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, ODI, Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, etc. However, you can make that decision for yourself.

Can I win real money via cricket betting?

Yes, you can. Of course, there are 50-50 chances for you. But if you choose the right game and place a bet with caution and care, you can surely win real money from cricket betting.

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