जेम्स एंडरसन का दावा है कि COVID 19 दो साल के लिए उनके करियर का विस्तार करेगा!


Wales and England have already created a Provisional date of July 8. James Anderson will be part of the England team.  He was already returning to the high-intensity training. Recently, the cricket season has already brought England’s three-test series against the West Indies.  Anderson will be part of the series, which is continually suffering from a rib injury in January.  This break has already added almost two years in the James Anderson career. This 37-Year-old bowler has already joined the training session. Recently, England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler said that shutdown is providing a lot of benefits to the cricketers. They have already recharged their batteries and proven to be great in the long run.

BCCI and NCA will start the training

Recently BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal Claim that they are also searching for some great options to move the Indian captain. National Cricket Academy and Cricket operations are already searching for ways to organize a particular training camp for some popular cricketers. They are organizing the camp according to some circumstances. COVID 19 cases are continually increasing in India. You will find the government is already taking some great steps to open the economy. You will find National Camp is already under review with so many cricket operations team.  So many states are taking measures that can control the COVID 19 cases. Arun Dhumal is already coordinating with their respective state association.

James Anderson

England Cricketers

  • England cricketers have already initiated training in several batches.
  • There are so many top Australian cricketers like Steve Smith and David Warner, who have already attended a particular session.
  • It has been almost seven days when flight operations have started in India, and Dhumal is saying that the board is searching for a perfect location for a national camp where players can invest proper time in the training session. 
  • There are so many flights that have started. They see the progress regarding the situation of flight. They are creating a safe place for the players where they can invest a lot of time in the training.  It is a really difficult time for cricketers.
  • Indian Skipper Virat Kohli is living in Mumbai, where coronavirus cases are almost 40000. Maharashtra is the only state who have already extended their lockdown till June 30 with a lot of relaxations.  They are already searching for the safest and secure options for the cricketers.

Day-night Test – A great benefit for Australia- Steve Smith

Recently, the Australian Cricket Board has announced four-test series, three ODIs, and three T20s. You will able to watch your favourite day-night test match from December 11 in Adelaide.  Recently, Steve smith claims he has experience playing more pink ball games. This is giving a lot of benefits to Australia. India has to invest a lot of time in the training session. They have to do practice with a pink ball. 

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