कोविड-19 के बाद निश्चित तौर पर ऑस्ट्रेलिया में प्रतिस्पर्धी क्रिकेट की वापसी होगी


Due to Coronavirus, everything is shut down, including cricket. Australia will surely experience the resumption in competitive cricket with fans. A particular T2 Tournament will surely start at Darwin.  CDU Top End T20 is also featuring more than 15 games in the Birthday of Queen’s in between June 6 to 8. There are almost 500 spectators will be allowed in every match. They are featuring the tournament for the best players.  Australia and New Zealand played the last International cricket match on March 13. Every person is continually facing a lot of tough problems from the previous few months. Australian cricket wants to bring a lot of joy into the cricket community.

Matches will surely conduct in the collaboration of Charles Darwin University and NT cricket. They will able to hold the game in Marrara Cricket Ground, Gardens oval. A person will able to watch their favorite cricket match live on MyCricket.  They are also streaming semi-finals and the grand final on Monday, June 8.

Australia Cricket

Next tournament

After completion of the T20 Carnival, they will organize Darwin and District one-day season that will culminate on September 19. This tournament was happening when the ICC cricket committee recommended that a particular ban on the usage of Saliva on Ball.  According to the professionals, Cricket Australia is considered a little bit strong at the moment.

Statement of Anil Kumble

  • Former Indian Leg-spinner Anil Kumble has already stressed ICC to manage the workload of the spinners and fast bowlers.
  • Kumble is already warning about fast pace bowlers are already combing back into the action. Therefore, he is already recommended to maintain a good balance between ball and bat.
  • Bowlers should invest a considerable amount of time in the training. If you are a bowler, then you will have to participate in the high-intensity session before competing.

England training

England training
  • By May 21, England was one of the first teams whose bowlers have already started training. Wicket-Keepers and batsmen have joined the training by June 1.
  • According to Kumble, wicket keepers should maintain their bodies and focus on the diet plan. Recently England has also announced a particular Test series against the West Indies.
  • The government is already allowing this test series. Many players are investing proper time in their personal gym and practice sessions to maintain the body properly.
  • They have to sustain a body to bowl almost 30 over’s in a particular test match.

Australian captain

Recently, the Australian captain said that they want to play cricket. They are saying that rest of the players will be happy if they are part of Women’s Big Bash. The Australian cricketer’s organization is going to organizing women’s Big Bash tournament and a full season of National Cricket league. Therefore, women are already preparing for such a competition. You can see the Victoria team already returned for the training. They have to do practice according to the tight rules and regulations.  Players and viewers are both waiting for the resumption of cricket.

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